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3,290.00 incl. BTW

The Wattbike is an exercise bike that measures your power realtime. Moreover, in a ‘Polarview’ he shows the distribution of forces on the pedals at every 360 degree revolution. This way you can improve your pedaling technique during training and you will immediately notice that you achieve a higher speed with less energy. So on the Wattbike you train two important aspects of cycling: technique and fitness.

We perform the technique analysis on the Wattbike, the perfect training bike for cyclists. The cycling feeling on the Wattbike is optimal due to its different types of resistances (air slide and magnetic brake) and the extremely reliable power measurement. Many top-sport teams use the Wattbike, including British Cycling, KNRB and SKY Pro Cycling.

Wattbike Pro or trainer: € 3290, – incl. 21% VAT
Pick up in Amsterdam

Shipping in the box: € 80, – incl. 21% VAT
Delivery including installation and user instruction: € 250, – incl. 21% VAT

For customers from Belgium and Luxembourg, please contact  020 33 77 136  or mail to  info@wattcycling.nl .

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Wattbike Pro, Wattbike Trainer


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