Train smarter,
get faster


Improve your cycling and train towards your own goals

Build your stamina and technique within your personal training zones, heart rate and power output in 80 minute training sessions on the Wattbike. Try WattCycling for 2 months and experience it for yourself. Many others have joined before you!

Rated 4.9 out of 5

Train smarter, get faster

Verbeter je fietsprestatie en train gericht naar jouw doel

Werk gericht aan je (fiets)conditie én traptechniek met 80 minuten trainingen op de Wattbike in jouw persoonlijke trainingszones vermogen en hartslag. Proef WattCycling met de proefperiode van 2 maanden en ervaar het zelf. Velen zijn je voor gegaan!

Rated 4.9 out of 5
Op basis van 21 reviews

Train in your own zones

Train with your own power output and heart rate

Training on the Wattbike at WattCycling is a proven method for all athletes who wish to improve their endurance. Regardless of your level.

The ultimate indoor bike

Group sessions on the Wattbike

Train on the most advanced indoor bike in existence: the Wattbike. The Wattbike accurately tracks your performance en feels like a regular racing bike.

Faster results

80-minute WattCycling sessions

Each training consists of a thorough warming-up, a varied intervalprogram of 45 minutes, followed up by a cooling-down. Make training more enjoyable!

Cycle with less energy-loss

Improve your technique

Reach higher speeds with the same energy input. The Polar View enables you to view your technique real-time and improve in each phase.

Each week 4 new workouts

Varied training program

We offer 4 different WattCycling workouts, with each looking to improve a certain goal of your trainingsweek: the WattCycling Tri/Endurance, d’Huez, HIT and Allround workouts. The type of workout may differ per location. Some locations also offer outdoor cycling sessions.

Train all year round

Improve performance

We often conduct Powerchecks to track your personal progress. The Powerchecks are within thee regular sessions. Besides the Powerchecks, there will always be an alternative session.

Train as much as you want

You can always train more or less often. You are free, from the first day of each month, to monthly upgrade or downgrade your subscription to train more or less often. There is an minimum period of 1 month.

Schedule your sessions easily

You can weekly choose your favourite WattCycling training sessions. Scheduling can be done easily with the WattCycling app. When you are unable to attend a session, you can cancel your session. Afterwards you will receive your credit back, and can be used to schedule a later session.

Improve your performance with precision

With the Wattbike app, you will get the most out of your WattCycling sessions. The Wattbike tracks a number of variables continuously, that can be stored and analysed after each session. Afterwards, you can share your training automatically with your favourite trainings app like Strava or Trainingspeaks.

Different pedals

You can only improve your technique if you can focus your attention on push- and pull-force. This requires a ‘click-system’. The Wattbikes are equipped with SPD, SPD-sl and Look pedals. If you do not (yet) own a pair of cycling shoes, you can use regular trainers in the toeclips of the Wattbike.

Heart-rate monitor

The Wattbikes and softwares support ANT+ heart rate monitors. Already have a heart rate monitor? Take it with you! If you do not own a heart rate monitor, you can purchase one during the training for only €39,50.


7 WattCycling locations… choose your location!

Choose one of the WattCycling locations in The Netherlands. Train for a better health, to beat your cycling buddies, or to win races. Whatever your goal is, at WattCycling you will push your own boundaries and break your plateaus!